Sunday, April 29, 2012

The last few months...

As I mentioned I've been studying abroad in Ireland for the last few months. While I was there I traveled around Europe a bit too! Here are some photos from my trip - the first 6 are from various places in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The next 6 are from Italy and Spain.

I am so sad to no longer be living in Europe. I can't wait to go back - and hopefully for even longer next time!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home at last

My first blog post. It's crazy that it's taken me this long to create my own blog. I've always wanted to, but I've never had the time to actually do it. Now I do though, and I'm so excited for it!

I've been in Dublin, Ireland for the past few months studying abroad for the semester. I had such an amazing time, but I'm glad to be home so I can focus on things like blogging and working for awhile. In my next post I'll include some photos of my trip.

Crop Top: Urban Outfitters, Combat Boots: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Thrifted, Jewelry: Vintage, Thrifted