Tuesday, August 21, 2012

faux leather

dress worn as top: forever 21, faux leather skirt: forever 21, combat boots: urban outfitters, leather bag: thrifted, cross earrings: forever 21

I've been buying so much stuff from work lately, it's ridiculous. These two things, along with a faux fur leopard coat I got on sale for $15 today, are my very last forever 21 purchases before I leave for New York - I promise! 

I plan to find another retail job when I get back to the Big Apple, hopefully at an Urban Outfitters instead of Forever 21, but we'll see! I really enjoy working retail - I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I definitely do. I love the people I work with - we all have similar interests and I get along with them so well. I hope that I'll feel the same about my co-workers in my next job!


  1. Ooo very moody, I like alot! x


  2. wow! your style is so inspiring , I just love your outfits!