Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nowistyle, Romwe and Da-Sein Socks

outfit 1: sweater: c/o Nowistyle, hat: c/o Romwe, socks: Asos, shoes, bag and shorts: thrifted

outfit 2: plaid shirt: c/o Nowistyle, socks: c/o Da-Sein Socks, shorts & boots: thrifted, fishnets: urban outfitters

These socks from the second outfit were one of many pairs of socks gifted to me by Da-Sein Socks, which is an AMAZING website based on Hong Kong that sells beautiful and unique socks - definitely check them out, they're absolutely amazing. I'll be posting more photos soon!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) You look great in both outfits! I love the little bag in your first outfit, so cute :) xx

  2. You look gorgeous!
    Loved your blog and style, you have a new follower :-)

  3. LOVE the burgundy socks in the first outfit!! Amazing looks! (:


  4. Completes the second show. Third starting soon! )