Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sweater Weather


boots: Deena & Ozzy, overknee socks: American Apparel, sweater and shorts: thrifted, scarf: Forever 21

I'm back in New York!



  1. Amazing outfit!! I love the sweater.


  2. Your sweater is so lovely ~ love the over the knee socks too!

    Carmen Ri.

  3. I love that jumper, and how you've styled it. You look amazing

  4. love the combination between your shorts and this great sweater! Such a cool outfit :)

  5. Hi Megan ! I really love your style <3 I also see you love your shorts :) But it would be very nice to see how you wear long jeans... And I wanna ask you something, too! What's your size and height? xxx

    1. Thank you! :) I do love shorts and barely own any jeans but I will make an outfit with jeans soon just for you! I'm around a size 2 in dresses and I'm 5'10.

    2. Aw, thanks! You know , I'm looking for some inspiration - I live in central Europe and it's cooold here, too cold to wear my favorite skirts and dresses (but I ofter wear them no matter what :D). By the way , I like your blog a lot and it seems we have similar names - mine is Magda ;) anyway , we both like knee socks and many other things , so your outfits just inspiring me:P
      I wish you could add more music links , too :) I heard a few and I'm love with your music taste : ) Maybe you've got or sth ?
      greetings , M.

    3. oh I'm so glad you like my music! I'll definitely post more. Music is my favorite thing! I do have a, here's the link. :)

      Where in central Europe do you live? It's very cold here too, people always call me crazy for wearing skirts and dresses during winter, although it probably isn't as cold here as there!

    4. In live in Poland - it's a country next to the Germany ;) and I just want spring as quickly as soon as possible!
      I can't wait to not-wearing cotton tights etc. 'cause it makes me ugh :D
      Well, for now I will expect for your outfits for winter : ) kisses :)

  6. ^^♪