Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainy Days

sweater: c/o Banggood, dress: c/o Lulu*s, oxfords: c/o Le Bunny Bleu, bag and belt: thrifted, socks: Target

My mom came to visit me and we've taken a little trip to upstate NY/canada! I've never been to canada, and I'm really excited! We're going to stop by Niagara Falls along the way (another place I've never been). Anyway, she took these photos for me. Thanks, mom!

I'm wearing my new shiny gold oxfords that I recently got in the mail c/o Le Bunny Bleu, and I am so obsessed. I love anything shiny at the moment, so I was really excited when I got these. 

Enjoy! We're off to Niagara Falls!