Thursday, July 12, 2012

No, You're Not Alone

the shoes and dress are from urban outfitters, socks are from target and everything else is thrifted. total cost: $65

floral on floral! I strongly considered adding in floral socks and shoes but refrained - almost regretting it now, but I actually enjoy this look without the complete floral explosion. I look a lot less disgusting in these photos than I feel today - it has been so humid! Ick!

This is my favorite song by one of my favorite Scottish bands, Glasvegas - it's so emotional and amazing, ahhhh <3. Also, just watched the video for the first time and the girl is beautiful. I'd probably cry too. 

enjoy! xoxox


  1. i love all the florals!

  2. super cute!! I love the floral prints~


  3. really like how you post music as well as outfits (great also, btw) - never heard of this one, but scottish accents = ♥!

  4. Love this look! I adore round sunglasses! xx

  5. It´s a surprise return to your blog and find cool stuff.