Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slow down, you crazy child

everything is thrifted but the socks - they're from urban outfitters, and the jewelry, which is a combination of gifts and thrifted. Total outfit cost: $20

I've been way too broke to go shopping lately - even to thrift stores. It's tragic. Luckily I have a crazy amount of fun sweaters and straw hats to mix and match to create looks such as this one. 

The boots are my absolute favorite, but I can no longer wear them because they're almost completely destroyed. So so sad. I need to get them fixed, but don't have the money at the moment. 

I'm starting to get excited for August, when I will finally return to New York for the fall semester. I really miss it. 

I spent my morning dancing around my house alone while making cinnamon rolls and listening to this song:


  1. I love this. I just adore your style!! (:


  2. i loveee the sunflower cardigan! defines a 90's summer. i have a favorite pair of boots too that i've totally worn to death but i refuse to ever give them away

  3. Yes, I have just found your blog! And I am soooo glad I have! I love your style. The sunflowers are cute! Check my blog out, unfortunately my style is not as cute as yours! boo!!