Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm wearing: dress: Forever 21 (yay for employee discounts!), heels: urban outfitters, socks: target, sunglasses and bag: thrifted

Sorry that I've been MIA the past week or so - so much has been going on! I thought that maybe a million photos of today's outfit would make up for my lack of posts. Please forgive me!

Anyways, I suppose you're all wondering where I've been. And I suppose I'll just tell you! I have been sick for about a week and a half now, and it had been gradually getting worse. I visited a clinic on Tuesday to tell them that I had lovely white patches on my tonsils and they hurt.. a lot. They didn't do anything for it, so I went to two more doctors until I was finally told that I had mono. Lovely! They gave me pain medication and a steroid to reduce the swelling in my throat, which I was very thankful for, as I had two major concerts coming up. (This was Friday). 

I went to the first of my two concerts on Saturday - it was so incredible! One of the best I've been to - there were so many amazing bands there - The Antlers, The Joy Formidable, Foster the People, The Shins, The Kooks, Metric were the ones that I was looking forward to the most. And none of them let me down! They were all absolutely wonderful!

Unfortunately my throat wasn't feeling any better after a day of wonderful music, but I ignored it and pressed on to Little Rock, AR with my friend Emily to see Bon Iver and The Staves (both of which were so incredible live). 

We left Little Rock early Monday morning, as my throat was so swollen that I could barely swallow anything anymore, and it was a 6 hour drive home to Kansas City. 

The next morning I woke up and could barely breathe. My mom took me to the emergency room and the hospital checked me in overnight and I suppose the rest is history! I am all fixed up now, though my throat is a little tender from everything it's been through in the past few days, but I'm home from the hospital, safe and sound and ready to blog again!

I missed you all!



  1. where did you get this super cute dress ?

    1. oops, sorry, forgot to put where I got everything!
      updated now :)