Friday, July 20, 2012

Alone Together

top, shorts, bag, hat, belt: thrifted, sandals: urban outfitters, jewelry: gifts, vintage 
total outfit cost: $30

A quick outfit post. Every time I post I am shocked at the amount of clothing I have that is secondhand. It's pretty crazy! This outfit makes me wonder about the previous owners of all these items. Who owned this shirt? Did they wear it in a similar way? How old were they? Why did they donate it?

Have these shorts been sitting in a thrift store since the 90's? I so wish I could see photos of the previous owner in them. 

Who wore this hat? An old woman? A young girl? Did they wear it to a wedding, to the beach, to a picnic? 

Life's mysteries.



  1. i love wondering who owned my thrifted pieces before i find them. so cool to wonder about

  2. haha i've honestly never wondered that! i'll probably get carried away now and start giving them stories!