Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This was my entry for the current lookbook contest, LB x Guess 30 Sexy Years. I love how timeless Guess advertisements are - every time I see one in a magazine I have to stop and look. They're so classy yet incredibly sexy at the same time. I've been drooling over their anniversary collection line as well, and really hope I win!

I was hired to be a sales associate at Forever 21 last week, and am supposed to hear from them today about my first day. I can't wait to start working again, I've missed it a lot! (though I can still find plenty to occupy my time at home). I went to Columbia to visit some friends studying at MU over the weekend, so that's why I haven't posted for several days. One of the craziest things about studying in Ireland was how early I got home for the summer. Normally I wouldn't be coming home until next week, at the earliest, and I got home weeks ago. If I had chosen not to travel after studying abroad I would have been home in March! So insane. 

What I'm wearing: sheer top: Charlotte Russe, belt, shorts: thrifted, bra: Topshop, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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