Saturday, May 19, 2012


I spent my morning doing yardwork for my mom (yawn). Anyways, here's what I'm wearing. Everything other than the socks, shorts and vest is thrifted. The socks are from Penneys and I've had the vest for years and years and have no idea where it came from. The shorts are from urban outfitters, and I regretted buying them right away, as I could obviously have thrifted a pair for about $20 cheaper. Oh well, they're nice enough. 

I'm clearly obsessed with lipstick - I think my face looks weird without it. I have too many colors to know what to do with, and I'm always collecting more. If anyone knows where to get a wonderful color similar to this: 

PLEASE TELL ME WHERE. It's beautiful! 

And here's some music I'm obsessing over for you:

nah, just kidding. Sort of. Here's something you might not have heard though:

I love Anna Ternheim so much. Her voice is captivating and her music is just SO GOOD. 


  1. OMG there's this super cool lipstick and it looks so similar to the one you're looking for. I forgot what brand it's from and even what it's called but I think maybe it's Maybelline.. I searched the whole net but couldn't find it anywhere. When I see the ad on TV again, I'll let you know where it's from

    1. aww thanks so much haha
      I'll look around, I haven't bought lipstick in several months so maybe I've been missing out