Friday, June 22, 2012

Outfit 1: floral crown: DIY, crop top and skirt: Urban Outfitters, belt, glasses and shoes: thrifted

Outfit 2: dress: Awear, bag: thrifted, necklace: Forever 21, socks and heels: Urban Outfitters

I'm obsessed with the dress in the second outfit - I bought it when I was in Dublin, and I think the back is so wonderful. I also got the crop top at the UO in Dublin - it was on sale for 10 euro! so cheap, and so wonderful <3

I've been missing Ireland so much. I really want to move there, and hopefully I'll be able to in a few years! Sigh.

Tomorrow my mom and I will be visiting River City Market in downtown KC. It's only held on weekends, and it is quite an event. Hundreds of people buying and selling fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and other goodies. I'm excited for it. I love going so much.


  1. Amazing amazing outfits!! Love the skirt in the first outfit and the dress in the second outfit is so cute! (:


  2. gorgeous outfits!!

  3. Both outfits are so great! Love them so much :)