Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Blues

It seems like lately I've been wearing a LOT of blue clothing - it isn't intentional, and I'm not all that fond of the color blue, but apparently I own much more blue clothing than I knew about. Which I'm perfectly okay with. Today was mother's day and I celebrated by cooking lunch at my grandma's house with my mom. We made pizza - yum! 

The crop top in the photos is from H&M and I'm quite proud of the purchase, as 20% of the amount I paid goes to help fund HIV/AIDS awareness projects. It is an amazing cause, and I'm so happy that H&M is able and willing to make the world a better place (while also selling adorable clothes!).

Outfit 1: hat: forever 21, dress: urban outfitters, cardigan: gift, denim shirt: thrifted, wedges: DSW
Outfit 2: crop top: H&M, jeans, backpack: thrifted, boots: penneys


  1. Both of the outfits are great! So different styles but they suit you perfectly!
    Thanx so much for your comment!

    Christina xxx

  2. They both look SOO amazing and great!!! I love your style