Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meditation Corner

I've spent the last few days putting together this wonderful meditation corner in my room. I was feeling a little bit too controlled by the internet and technology, so I decided to put away my laptop for an entire day (and I lasted for most of it - I'm shocked!) I thought I might be slightly more productive without it, and I suppose I was, a bit - I went running for the first time in a long time, read some, put this wonderful corner together, meditated a lot, spent way too much money, and spent way too much time playing hide and seek with my cats. I think the day was a success, anyway. At least I have something to show for it.

Anyways, now I'm in bed wondering what cats dream about - because the cat in the photo, Butterscotch, is asleep next to me and she's making a strange clicking noise that I've never heard before. Is she dreaming of snacking on a mouse? A bird? Is she grooming herself? If only I knew! I suppose dreams, particularly the dreams of animals, will remain one of life's biggest mysteries - for now. 

I made the shorts cut-offs recently and I'm very pleased with how they turned out - I've been destroying way too many pairs of shorts lately - they're going to end up all looking the same! 

What I'm wearing: shorts: thrifted, DIY, combat boots: urban outfitters, sweater and bag: thrifted, jewelry: vintage, forever 21

And here's a song from one of my favorite bands: 


  1. What a cute cat! My cats will make weird noises while they sleep, and I always assume it's food they dream about :) It's weird to think that they might have more complex dreams than "just food".

    Love those shorts!

    Greetings from the Midwest,

  2. this is the most amazing jumper i've ever seen!

  3. wow!! I love your style! I follow you from now!